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Alex Boersma

alex1Alex Boersma has been a Personal Trainer for 15 years. He is certified as a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Nutrition and Weight Loss Consultant. With 2 years as Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Canadian National Australian Football team, 3 years implementing the IAFF Peer Fitness Trainer program for the Toronto Fire Department, 5 years as a Sports Clubs of Canada Personal Trainer and another 5 years with the exclusive Urban Athlete, Alex blends a wide variety of knowledge and experience into his unique training style.

The primary focus of Alex’ training is the development of work capacity. Work capacity is basically a measurement of the amount of work a person can do in a given amount of time. Improve your work capacity and you increase your fitness. Along the way, you get stronger, lose fat, gain lean body mass, develop your cardiovascular system, increase mobility and enhance your ability to move effectively.

Each individual, regardless of their training background, has the ability to improve work capacity. The trick is to understand where to begin and how quickly to progress. Alex uses a functional movement assessment to determine your ability to perform exercises and to screen for any weaknesses or imbalances. This assessment, along with careful consideration of your goals and your motivation, will help to establish the type of workout program that is right for you.

Some of Alex’ basic exercise and nutrition guidelines:

  • Resistance training, with meticulous attention to form and exercise selection, should be the foundation of any exercise program.
  • Steady-state cardiovascular exercise, although not inherently bad, is not the best way to achieve fitness or body composition goals.
  • Circuit styles of training which combine heavy lifting with metabolically demanding movements have been proven the most effective across a broad spectrum of fitness and body composition goals.
  • Resistance training should emphasize free weight exercises and functional movement patterns. Machines and isolated movements tend to reduce mobility and lead to injuries.
  • Even the best exercise program will be relatively ineffective if it is not accompanied by sound nutrition. The older you get, the harder it will become to “exercise” your way out of a bad diet.
  • In controlled studies, even when diet and exercise are combined, there is a very low success rate for maintaining weight loss. Most people who lose weight in these studies gain it back again…and then some. Achieving and maintaining weight loss demands a commitment to long term lifestyle change in the face of often discouraging circumstances.
  • Hormonal irregularities can make weight loss a discouragingly slow process…even when you think you are doing everything right. The good news is that perseverance pays off…a healthy lifestyle over the long term will improve your hormonal status. Taking steps to assess and repair hormonal imbalances will speed the process up.
  • Stress is the most under-rated factor in over-all health. Stress will make you fat. Stress will make you tired. Stress will make you sick. Stress will give you cancer. Stress will kill you. Do not accept that stress is a fact of life…it needs to be reduced and controlled.
  • Beyond stress, the most important secondary factors contributing to poor health are over-nutrition and under-activity.  If we all ate a little less and moved a little more, we would most certainly all be much healthier.
  • The idea that saturated fat has a negative impact on health is, at best, an unsubstantiated theory.  Refined carbohydrates, particularly fructose sweetened beverages, are a much more likely and scientifically supported culprit in the degenerative diseases of Western civilization.  If any kind of fat is responsible for disease, it is much more likely to be the highly refined and engineered vegetable oils used in processed foods than it is the natural animal fats we have been eating for millenia.
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