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Total Body Health Studio provides personalized health care services including massage therapy, personal training, nutrition and weight loss consultation as well as athletic strength and conditioning.  We pride ourselves on making the extra effort to understand your needs and find health care solutions which fit your lifestyle.

Located in the heart of Hillsburgh, our studio is small, warm and inviting. Although the equipment and treatment protocols are state of the art, our approach and demeanour are very low key. More than anything, we want you to feel positive and secure when you deal with us.

Alex and Mary are continuous learners. Each year they both participate in a number of courses, conferences and workshops because they are both passionate about the work that they do and care about the clients they treat.

Mary Boersma

Mary Boersma has been a Registered Massage Therapist for 15 years. As well as providing thousands of massages for a wide variety of clientele, she also spent 3 years teaching in the massage program at Centennial College. Although primarily trained in Swedish massage, Mary also has special certifications in Myofascial Release and Lymphatic massage. With a college degree in Fitness and Wellness, Mary is also a certified personal trainer and a graduate of Sheridan College’s Human Performance Training program.

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Alex Boersma

Alex Boersma has been a Personal Trainer for 15 years. He is certified as a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach and Nutrition and Weight Loss Consultant. With 2 years as Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Canadian National Australian Football team, 3 years implementing the IAFF Peer Fitness Trainer program for the Toronto Fire Department, 5 years as a Sports Clubs of Canada Personal Trainer and another 5 years with the exclusive Urban Athlete, Alex blends a wide variety of knowledge and experience into his unique training style.

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