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Due to the current Provincial Health order Mary Boersma RMT is currently prioritizing clients who are in need of essential care.

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Massage Therapy Update – January 19th-Mary Boersma

New criteria and  treatment protocol includes:

* Clients will be screened virtually for symptoms and exposure two days before their appointment and then again upon arrival in person. I will also be completing my own COVID screening assessment daily before daily treatments.

* Both client and therapist will wear masks during the entire visit. The therapist will wear a new medical mask for each client. The client is asked to bring their own cloth or disposable mask. If they do not have one, the therapist will provide one.

* Conversation during treatment will be limited to treatment-related questions and answers.

* The therapist will thoroughly wash her hands (including forearms and elbows) with soap and water between clients and will use Health Canada-approved hand sanitizer to disinfect her hands immediately before and after treatments.

* Proper hand hygiene will be enforced as clients will be provided with hand sanitizer before and after treatments.

* There will be longer spaces between appointments to ensure two clients are not present at the same time and to provide time to follow stricter disinfecting guidelines. All appointments will be one hour in duration.

* Only disinfectants approved by Health Canada will be used.

* Sheets, pillowcases and face rest covers will continue to be changed between each client and laundered at the end of the day. Vinyl pillowcases will be added to all pillows and will be disinfected between uses. The top blanket will also be changed and laundered for each client.

*Please do not bring anybody along to your appointment at this time, including children.

* A general infection prevention and control record/log and a roster of all people entering the space will be maintained for contact tracing purposes. Please advise if you prefer not being on the daily tracking log.

* COVID-19 signage will be posted in the treatment space.

Please remain patient as my schedule is quite limited right now.  I am prioritizing clients in order of need for the months of January and February.

Thank you to everyone in this amazing and supportive community for your continued support .

I look forward to seeing you all again soon with my mask on and open hands and an open heart.


Mary Boersma



Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques/Prehab and Rehabilitative Exercise


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